1. Stay calm and remain at the scene. The first actions you take after a car accident could affect your insurance claim. It’s important that you remain calm and in a clear state of mind.

2. Find out if anyone is injured and call 911. Even minor accidents can cause injury. Seeking medical attention at the time of the accident is good for your health but will also strengthen your personal injury claim.

3. Contact the police and fill out a police report. Write down name and badge numbers of any officers or medical responders on the scene.

4. Exchange information. Take down names, phone numbers, and addresses of all those involved as well as witnesses.

5.Take photographs and extensive notes of any damage to vehicles, property, and people. Although a smart phone can be your worst enemy while you are driving, it can be your best friend at the scene of an accident.

6. Consider contacting an attorney. If you, or a family member, was injured in the accident it may be in your best interest to hire a lawyer to help you deal with the insurance company and maximize your potential settlement. Call Kent Law Group at 855-385-6463 or contact us by clicking here.