The Utah Supreme Court issued multiple opinions on Friday affecting the rights of of individuals and their families who have been harmed by the negligent and intentional wrongdoing of others.

A couple of items to be aware of:

1) If your loved one has been injured by others, resolves their case, and then subsequently dies as a result of the injury, you may have an additional claim of your own relating to the wrongful death of that loved one.

2) In negligence claims, the court will allow the defendant to allocate fault for its careless actions to the intentional actions of others. Although the court continues to recognize claims such as negligent supervision, negligent hiring, and negligent entrustment, its opinions with respect to allocation of fault renders these claims virtually meaningless.

3) If you have guns, keep them secure and keep track of them around intoxicated people. In the simplest terms: don’t give a loaded gun to a drunk person.